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~ Theological substance, personal connection, artistic impression, cultural relevance and practical value ~


Hi.  This is Eric Arnason.  A few years ago, I began Crossroad Productions as a way to connect people with one another, and all people with their Creator and Redeemer.  We live in a world of social networking and technological innovation.  It is my desire to use the tools of creative arts and technology to showcase the practicality, accessibility, depth and richness of the Gospel.  The Gospel is more than a message; it is a way of life.  It is meant to be experienced and understood in such a way that we genuinely know and love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.  And out of that overflow, we love others with His capacity and enabling.  Crossroad Productions exists to glorify God by using media arts for worship, discipleship, edification and mission throughout the world.

Personally, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, a husband to my best friend in the whole world, and a daddy to three super-cool kids.  I'm a right-brained visionary-creative, whose left brain is running to catch up!  I love to spend time on excursions with my family, compose and produce original music and short videos, play board games, and occasionally go snowboarding.  I sing, play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, drums, euphonium, and a little hammered dulcimer.  I also love eating Mediterranean food and enjoy an occasional Chinese milk tea or decaf from a French Press.

I also enjoy creating audio and video content that connects our experiences with God's story of redemption.  I like to call this nexus Crossroads Productions.  It's here, at this crossroads, that we see God for who He is, and how our stories connect with His.  Integrating theology with creative art forms, my vision is to bring individuals into fresh times of worship, growth, and renewal.

Ever since my freshman year in college, Biblical Counseling has played a big part in my own spiritual growth and development, as well as in my approach to mentoring and discipleship.  It has given me a framework to escape brokenness and lead others out of their brokenness and into lasting peace and fruitfulness.  I especially have a ministry chemistry with people between the age of 18-29 (college students, singles, and young families).  My desire is that these folks would have their greatest sense of purpose and identity with Jesus and His Church.  God is doing amazing things in and through His Church all throughout the world, and I want to encourage people young people to take part in it.

I believe that church should be a place where people feel “at home”.  It should be hip and modern.  It should be a place where people can't wait to return.  It should be a place where community and outward-facing love are always being nurtured, and people feel welcome and included in what God is doing.  It should be a place where the broken can be healed and people are treated with honor and humility.  It should be a place where the Word of God is fully-proclaimed with boldness and humility, truth and grace.  It should be a place where people are connecting with God; a place where people are growing in faith and in their love for one another; and a place where people are burdened for those who do not know Jesus Christ.

Church should be a place where people can find hope and healing, restoration and redemption, forgiveness and freedom. Jesus looked past my faults and saw my needs.  He saw His potential in my life, and pursued me.  I want to do the same for others as well; however, the brevity of life demands a strategic approach; therefore, my focus is on building relationships with disciple-making potential.  I like connecting with missions-minded, outward-oriented individuals who think about theology, ministry philosophy, ministry vision, and strategic initiatives to connect the Gospel to people's lives.  And I hope to pour my life into those who can equip others, too.

I am a bridge-builder, always looking for new ways to make personal and theological connections with people.  I would consider myself to be a methodologically-progressive, theological conservative.  By majoring on the majors and minoring on the minors, we can keep the main thing the main thing: making disciples who make disciples of Jesus Christ.

If I could be remembered for five things, they would be:

  • That my love for Jesus was contagious

  • That my family felt the love of Jesus through my life

  • That my art bridged people’s experiences with God’s story of redemption

  • That, through media production, I wove theology, apologetics, and counseling together in such a way that people continually experienced the impact of the Gospel, and responded with worship and praise

  • That my temporal investments of time, money, talents, and love were really worth it

What are your top 5 most deeply held core values?

  • Eternity

  • Truth

  • Time

  • Family

  • Creativity