Finding the right motif is, perhaps, the biggest challenge when getting started on a project.  As an artist, you want to find something that is both visually-compelling and emotionally-connecting.  When I found this idea of a cross made of Jesus' last sayings, I knew that this was right design; so I decided to recreate it for both RGB and CMYK applications.

I had designed the wood in this picture completely from scratch in Photoshop.  For this Good Friday service, it seemed to accurately capture the harsh wood of the cross.

One of the biggest challenges a graphic designer has to face is font selection.  When it comes to multi-lingual media, this is especially true.  

A second challenge is font placement.  This project was especially tricky this way because of the length and volume of Chinese text.  Where should you place the Chinese text in juxtaposition to the English graphics?  How do you separate the two?  I decided to use gradients on the Chinese text to create a kind of "depth of field" between the foreground and background texts.  Though there was some overlap, it seemed to work out pretty well.


Business Cards



While a student at Specs Howard School of Digital Media Arts, I had the opportunity to to take basic graphical elements and "make them my own", turning them into presentations for events and promotions.  Using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, I have been able to create many bitmap and vector graphics for use on posters, business cards, promotional flyers, social media outlets, and projected presentations.

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